Your First Greenhouse in 3 Easy Steps

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Having your own greenhouse can be both fulfilling and profitable. If you have a genuine interest in caring for plants or actual production for profits, then here are three steps to getting your first greenhouse rolling.

Gather the necessary equipment and provisions

Yes, that includes the greenhouse. You can opt to build it yourself, but if you are serious in your endeavor or going for profit.

It’s best to hire a commercial greenhouse builder, such as Conservatory Craftsmen. It will cost a bit more, but you won’t have to worry about the mechanical and environmental workings of the greenhouse.

Talk to the contractor about condensation, because condensation can lead to the spread of diseases and other problems. Aside from the greenhouse, you’ll need some basic gardening tools, plant pots, garden soil or some other planting medium, a yard hose, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Plan, purchase, prepare your crops

Once you’re set on the greenhouse and other supplies (or even before that), you should have an idea of what you want to grow. Will it be flowers to brighten someone’s day, vegetables to enliven a dish or something else entirely? For beginners, tomatoes and lettuce are easy to grow.

If you grow them well and find a market, they could be very profitable. For flowers — bush roses, petunias, and daylilies are easy starting choices. After deciding on what to grow and purchasing your plants, start preparing your pots and gardening tools by sterilizing them with diluted bleach water.

Get planting

Make sure to follow the guidelines if you’re planting a sensitive plant. Otherwise, filling a plant pot to the halfway mark with soil, carefully placing the seedling in the soil, and then filling the pot with soil until the seedling can stand on its own should do the trick.

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You are set. Now it’s just watering and looking out for diseases. If you use your fertilizers and pesticides as instructed, it won’t be too long before you get to harvest the fruits of your labors.