Your Exterior Painting is only as Good as the Surface Preparation

Exterior Painting

Exterior PaintingIn almost all cases, the lack of surface preparation would be the main cause of paint failure. Without the proper surface preparation, the failure of the exterior painting in your Perth home should not surprise you.

This is how significant surface preparation can be for any painting job, especially for the exterior portion with its high exposure to the elements. So it really makes sense not to do the job yourself and instead rely on the experts of exterior painting in Perth, advises

What is Surface Preparation?

To the uninitiated, painting may appear an easy task that will simply involve applying the coating materials on the surface. Nothing can be further from the truth. Your paint will be useless if it does not adhere to the surface. Painting without preparing your surface will be a guarantee for failure.

Surface preparation is the process of making sure that your paint – from the primer, to the intermediate coat and topcoat – will effectively adhere to the surface. Failure to do this will mean peeling of the paint in no time at all and other defects such as wrinkling and early corrosion if the surface is made of metal. Equally important, this stage of the painting process will be an opportunity to correct any imperfections or defects of the surface to be painted.

Surface Preparation Works

So when you hire a painting contractor, you can expect these tasks to be completed:

  • Cleaning the surface to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants.
  • Removing any existing paints if the area has been painted previously.
  • Repairing any damage or imperfections such as protruding nails or misaligned panels.
  • Smoothening of all surfaces by sanding, wire brushing or any other method. This will not only ensure a beautiful appearance but will also remove any rust or imperfections.
  • Caulking to eliminate exposure of certain areas to water.
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Always remember that surface preparation is a vital component of painting and may even be more important than the actual application of the coating materials. So you should ask your contractor about this before proceeding with the painting job.