Winter Upkeep: Ice Dam Removal and Prevention Tips

Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam RemovalSnow-covered roofs look very picturesque. But if you let them form as winter drags on, you’ll have big problems later on. You will have to prepare money for repairs of damaged gutters, or worse a soggy attic with significant water damage.

You won’t have to suffer through all the trouble because you can do something to remove the ice that builds up on the eaves. You may also prevent ice dams from forming.

Here are some prevention tips from

Thick ridges of ice form along the eaves in freezing weather and put huge stresses on the roof complex. These bothersome ice formations usually form in blizzard conditions.

There are ways to prevent the ice from taking hold like ensuring that the downspouts are clear so ice melt flows down without obstruction.

When standing water collects in the gutters, it could freeze when the temperature drops. Be vigilant in removing snow from the roof after a storm to avoid build up. Do not let the pile accumulate. Once it reaches more than a foot in height, you might have a difficult time removing it. While you still can, melt the ice and snow — calcium chloride ice melt usually does the trick. You can also place water-repellant membranes under the shingles to avoid more ice formation.

When should you get professional help?

While admiring the beauty of the icicles hanging from the roof, always check if they are mostly found in the gutters. If they are, then your roof is still in good condition. If water is trapped between the icicles, then you are likely in need of a professional ice dam removal service. Hiring a contractor is your best option to remove the ice that has already frozen after water has penetrated the roof.

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If winters get especially cold in your area, then you had better get advice from local experts in ice dam prevention. When solid ice has formed, think twice before hacking it down with an axe lest you wreck your roof instead.