Window Types for Your Home and Office

Windows are the passageway of sunlight and air into your home or offices. Your Windowshome or your office would be so dark and uninviting without them. Windows may also be a big help during emergency situations because they serve as an escape route or an opening.

Different houses install different kinds of windows. From those with a very wide opening to those shaped beautifully. Windows also affect the overall look of your home or office both from the outside and from the inside. The strategic location of your windows may also affect the mood of everyone, depending on the amount of light allowed to enter. Curtains, sunscreen roller blinds and shutters can also be added to control the light that passes through your windows.

Common Types

  • Double-Hung – These are the types of windows that can open wide from the top or the bottom because they have two sashes that slide up and down in the frame. Raise the lower sash to allow the cool breeze to enter. Lower the upper sash to pull hot air from the ceiling.
  • Single-Hung – These are those that open from the bottom part only.
  • Casement – These have single-hinged sash that swings out. This type of window is known for giving a wonderful, unobstructed view.
  • Awning –  Awning windows are those usually located above doors or other windows to provide extra ventilation and light. They are hinged at the top and open outward.
  • Sliding – Usually used in modern homes, a sliding window has a sliding panel that allows at least one operating window to slide horizontally or past other windows.
  • Bay –  These windows can give you more view and interior space since they extend to the side. They also work well with houses or offices with limited spaces.
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Choose a window that works best for your home or office. Determine whether you need more light or ventilation. You can always use sunscreen roller blinds in case the sunlight is in direct contact with your windows. Windows provide a lot of wonders. With them, you can enjoy the air, the sunlight as well as the view.