Why You Should Hire an Architect Who Uses BIM

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The world of architecture is no stranger to the power of technology. It has adopted many strategies from technology, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of them. BIM is the digital version of an architect’s building process. It uses digital tools and 3D models to help create, test, and finalize projects in an easier and faster process than before.

Residential architecture studio Scenario Architecture, for instance, uses BIM to create their masterpieces and make it easier for clients to visualize their future home. Here’s why more architects are using BIM for their projects today:

Easier Collaboration

BIM projects can be accessed through its cloud functionality. This makes it easier for contractors, engineers, architects, and managers to share and collaborate their ideas whether they’re on- or off-site. As long as they’re on a device that has an Internet connection, they can see and make changes to any current project.

Easier Visualization

You can’t always imagine how a whole structure would look like on a paper design or from something on a screen. An architect always needs a real-world representation of their project. BIM easily does that. It allows them to put layer after layer on each design until it becomes whole.


Each step in a project is recorded in BIM. This makes it easier to detect and change any clash in design before starting construction. Every engineer knows that stalling a construction because of an overlooked error in design can be costly. BIM helps reduce, if not, eliminate that cost.

Simpler Communication with Client

Trying to explain the technicalities of a project to the client can be every architect’s weakness. With BIM, they can show you exactly what they’re talking about and provide more legitimacy to their project.

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If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient and effective way to build your structure, look for an architect who takes advantage of technology to serve his clients better. Someone who uses BIM.