Why Termites Pose a Considerable Risk to Your Home

closeup of termites

Watching a documentary about termites on TV, you can help but marvel at the level of efficiency at which they operate. The tiny creatures build magnificent nests taller than a man. Additionally, they keep their homes spic and span even though all the workers are blind.

With workers spending most of their time below ground, explains IPM Pest Control, an expert in termite control in Boca Raton, Florida, they don’t need for fully developed eyesight.

For all their strong points, termites have one major shortcoming in that they have no sense of boundary.

All hail the queen

At the center of each termite colony is the queen. She may not be the most beautiful termite in the nest or even hold a royal ball. That is because she exists for one reason, and one reason only – to reproduce. And to reproduce she does, laying millions of eggs over her lifetime.

With the king by her side, a queen is an efficient egg-laying machine. She will keep this up for up to ten years, each time giving rise to a batch of hungry workers who stop at nothing to sate this burning hunger. And that’s where the problems start.

Anything that’s got wood is fair game, and that includes your pricey home.

A horde of hungry workers

Formosan termites, the most destructive species of termites, have a ferocious appetite for all things wood. Studies show that they are capable of consuming about a thousand pound of wood in a year. If these bigger than average subterranean termites set their sights on your house, then you are in trouble.

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Since they create enormous colonies, they number in the thousands, which means that they can devour large amounts of wood quickly. If you as much as suspect that you might have termite invasion, don’t hesitate to take precaution as the risk is exceptionally high.

By virtue of having an exceptionally high level of organization, termites pose a considerable threat to your home. Left unchecked these tiny forces of destruction can bring down your house.