Why Everyone’s Talking About Sliding Doors Again

Bathroom with wooden sliding doors

Are you tired of living with unused corners in your entryway or planning to separate rooms but can ‘t fit a regular door to create a proper entryway? Here’s how cavity slider doors can solve your space dilemma.

No More Empty Zones

Regular doors take up swing space to properly open. It creates empty zones around an entryway that looks awkward and unwelcoming. To improve the look of this area, consider installing a door that slides into a pocket in the wall instead. Sliding doors are an excellent option for small rooms, en suite baths, and for creating a proper entryway to separate two different areas like when enclosing a kitchen space.

It Allows Flexibility in Your Space

If you want to enjoy an open floor plan when you’re entertaining guests at home and at the same time have the option to enclose the kitchen to keep kids from wandering in while you’re making meals, sliding doors are the perfect divider solutions to give you the best of both worlds. Its space-saving design lets you maximise the floor space in each separate areas when the doors are closed and allow you the convenience of switching to a more spacious layout whenever the need be.

It Creates a Seamless Transition Between Spaces

Some home owners opt for a practical design that creates a seamless indoor and outdoor flow. And as sliding doors are made with glass panels from top to bottom, it allows more natural light in, creating a well-lit indoor space. During the warmer months, you can just slide the doors open to enjoy the outdoors and allow better air circulation inside your home.

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Many home owners realise the convenience that sliding doors offer. Not only does it allow them to maximise their indoor space it also allows for more natural light in, and allow for better air circulation during the warmer months, as well.