Why Epoxy Coating is an Excellent Choice for Garage Floors

Epoxy Coating

The garage is that one area in homes where most DIY remodeling projects take place. That explains the various spills on the garage floor, which, unfortunately, could compromise its state. One thing you can do to protect your garage floor is to install a coating, which can also give your floor an excellent finish. Floor coating installers from The Concrete Facelift recommend that you use epoxy coatings. Here’s why:


If you’re all about the green movement in protecting the environment, then epoxy coatings are the way to go. These coatings contain low VOC or volatile organic compounds, and you can find them in non-toxic and odorless versions.


Epoxy coatings are cheaper than most floor finishes and can still withstand damage from harsh finishing processes. Also, the installation process doesn’t require much labor, which will save you on costs. The maintenance costs are also minimal, as epoxy surfaces are highly durable.


Concrete is a tough material, but a little protection would go a long way in enhancing its strength properties. Concrete is porous and can experience damage from chemicals and abrasive materials. Coating your concrete garage floor makes it non-porous, such that no chemicals can penetrate to damage your floor. The coating is also scratch-resistant; therefore, you can be sure your floor will remain intact for ages.


The primary purpose of a coating is to protect your floor, but you can also get the benefit of a beautiful floor in the process. You can choose a coating of any color depending on how decorative you plan your floor to be.

Your garage deserves care just like any room in your house. Getting epoxy coatings will create a protective layer that not only increases the lifespan of your garage floor but also gives it a decorative finish.

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