Why Choose Aluminium Shutters for Your Window Treatments

Your Window Shutter in PerthWindow shutters are ideal alternatives to traditional window treatments, as they come with the added benefit of safeguarding your home from different weather elements. While timber is the most common choice for window shutters, aluminium shutters are significantly gaining popularity all over Australia.

Half Price Shutters and other leading window treatment manufacturers list why you should go with this material:

  • Durable and Versatile – Aluminium window shutters are durable and are ideal wherever you want to install them in your home. They come in different sizes, styles and colour choices and you can even order a custom fit for irregularly shaped windows. These shutters are also ideal for enclosing an outdoor area, such as the balcony or porch, so you can use them regardless of the weather.
  • Ideal for Light Control – You can adjust aluminium window shutters to control the amount of light, whether from the sun or artificial outdoor light, that enters your home when needed.
  • Low Maintenance – Aluminium window shutters are easy to maintain and clean. You can simply use a feather duster to clean surface once a week or do a more thorough dusting each month to prevent dust from building up.
  • Affordable – If you love the look of timber window shutters but don’t have the budget for them, consider aluminium shutters. You can buy ready-made shutters that emulate the look of wood, from the feel, appearance and finish or have them customised to fit your home’s aesthetic.
  • Useful for Exterior and Interior Purposes – Think that shutters can only be used for your home’s façade? Think again. Many homeowners are now installing shutters inside their home, not only for aesthetic purposes, but for enhanced privacy by keeping unwanted people away.
  • Extra Protection from Outdoor Elements – Installing aluminium window shutters can effectively protect your home from high winds, excessive sunlight and heat, as well as strong rains.
  • Extra Protection for Burglary – Some aluminium window shutters are equipped with security locks for extra protection against malicious people. Not all manufacturers include locks in their designs, however, so if you feel you need this added protection, consider having your shutters customised to include security locks.
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These are only some factors why aluminium window shutters are an ideal choice for your home. Find a supplier and find out more about its features.