Why Building a Granny Flat Makes Sense

Kitchen in a Granny FlatA granny flat is a fully self-contained, often standalone dwelling built on the same plot of land where the main home is. Many people build granny flats to serve as additional living space, to put a large plot of land to good use, or to serve as an investment property.

Learn more about the advantages of building a granny flat. Check out the following so you can find a good reason to build one in your spacious backyard.

You can rent it out

One of the top reasons homeowners build a second dwelling is to gain extra income. You will have a steady income if you put your granny flat for rent. This makes it a good property investment choice. The extra amount you receive every month can help you on paying your energy bills or perhaps your mortgage.

It’s highly versatile

Another great thing about granny flats is it offers flexibility on who can use it. Many granny flats in Perth, for instance, are traditionally popular for ageing independent grandparents. Industry experts, such as Grandesigns WA, explain that it provides senior people with the convenience of living independently while staying close to their family. Granny flats may also serve as a good training ground for adult children who are moving out of the house soon.

It can increase your property’s value

It is also a great way to boost your property’s value. Properties with granny flats are highly appealing for investors. If you have a spacious backyard and are planning to sell the property in 5 or 10 years, you might as well use the vacant space to build something you can use for the meantime and can significantly increase its resale value.

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You see there are a lot of benefits to building a granny flat. Whether it’s an in-home, an extension, or a completely detached structure, your granny flat will prove to be a wise addition to your plot of land.

Make sure you check out local building regulations before having a granny flat construction project. Also, hire only certified contractors to ensure your granny flat suits your needs and meets government standards.