What’s the Average Cost of a Boat Dock Construction?

boathouse dock beside a house

It costs an average of $8,270 to build a boat dock in 2018, but the usual price ranges between $2,460 and $14,080 depending on the type of materials and scope of work. If you’re planning to build a dock in Texas, you should consider adding piers from Rockport service providers. You would also need to insure your boat, which will cost differently based on where you live in the U.S.

Dock Project Costs

Prefabricated docks are among the cheapest options for at least $1,000, yet these are not likely advisable for places with inclement weather. Those who want a permanent one with a better quality should expect to spend at least $50,000. Various factors such as the difficulty of installation and water depth will affect the overall construction price, aside from choosing the type of dock.

Types of Docks

Some different kinds include a floating one, which can be detached from the water to prevent being damaged during the winter months. Piling docks are an alternative since these are permanent installations, although it may be more suitable in places with favorable weather.

Boat Insurance

In Texas, boat owners spend an average of $531 for annual insurance premiums, although people in Michigan pay more at $574. Florida has the highest annual premiums at $611, while the nationwide average costs $429 per year.

Take note that your premiums may cost more if you live near coastal areas or own an expensive and a bigger boat. Alabama has the cheapest insurance rates at $282, followed by Louisiana and Delaware at $294 and $345 per year, respectively.

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When choosing a type of dock, be sure to consult first with a professional to find out the best style. Piers are often a necessity for building a boat dock as well. What is your budget for a dock construction plan?