What to do When a Dead Kangaroo is Found in Your Backyard in the Middle of the Night?


backyardYou will never know life’s sudden twists and turns. You could be enjoying yourself, having a nightcap, a few shots of tequila in your lawn somewhere in Perth – in Jandakot perhaps, one of WA’s busiest airport cities – when your young son tells you he has found a dead kangaroo a few meters from where you are.

Sure, there are obvious answers to this predicament of sorts: You can always choose to bury the animal or call the pros – a cheap skip bin hire (Jandakot, as aforementioned, has several of these) that operates 24/7. Perth has several skip bin contractors who will do this – for a fee, of course – so it is already a done deal.

But all this could be just a metaphor: the backyard could be your mind and the dead kangaroo, all those things bothering you. The thing is, how do you react to a sudden, unexpected turn of events?

The Absurdity of It All

Take for instance the recent aviation disaster that took 150 lives, mostly German, Germanwings. Who in his right mind would want to crash a plane with not one or two but over a hundred people? Of course, it’s fairly well established now that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had fought depression for some time.

Yet, a bigger question looms: of the 150 lost lives, did anybody think that jumping on Germanwings Flight 9525 would be a fatal decision?

Widen Opportunity: Prepare for the Unexpected

And yet answering what might happen scenarios are the bread and butter of business. Preparing for the truly unexpected may sound absurd, but that is how a business thrives. As Louis Pasteur once famously said, chance favours the prepared mind.

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As for you, the next time a dead kangaroo drops in your backyard, never mind the phone or the shovel, rather ask yourself: what business model can I infer this time? You cannot just rely on skip bin hiring all the time – you have to do a proactive business model.