What To Do When a Baby is on the Way

PregnancyEverything changes when a little angel is along the way. Nine months sound like a very long time, but it is never enough to prepare for your little one. You need not worry, though. There is no single manual on parenthood, but this article can be your guide so you can have an idea on how to move forward.

Take advice but do not take everything down

Once people learn about your pregnancy, a huge portion of them suddenly becomes aware of how pregnancy and how you should handle it. But each pregnancy is unique, even for a mother who has had a dozen kids. You make take advice, especially from your trusted OB/GYN. As for the others, just listen to them and let them give you “instructions” on how to be pregnant, but be careful in picking out which to follow and which to ignore.

Start buying things

Even for as early as hearing the good news, you should start buying essential baby things one at a time like clothes, beddings, and bottle feeders. This way, it more cost-effective since you will not need to buy them all at once and you get to spend your time (and the energy) wisely while you still can because no one knows how your body will take the pregnancy especially if it is your first time.

Build a baby-friendly house

As your due date comes nearer, you should prepare your home and start baby-proofing. Safety should be next in your priority. Keep all unnecessary furniture and glassware which may be hazards for the baby. Secure and screw high shelves on the wall to keep them from falling. When you have a two-story house, baby gates are also important for the safety of your child. It may be not on the top list, but it should not be hard to find as you will see one for sale in almost every baby shop.

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A lot of emotions can come at you before the baby comes, but there is nothing to worry about. No one has the right to judge you when you have no idea about parenting for as long as you are doing what you know is best for your angel.