What is the Best Pool Heating System for Your Home?

Outdoor PoolWant a relaxing dip in your pool on a cool spring morning? Thanks to pool heaters, you may now enjoy your pool anytime of the year! But with all of the available options out there, how will you know what is the right one for you and your home?

Worry no more, because here are the four most common types of pool heating.

Solar Pool Heating System

This first type has been gaining popularity due to its obvious advantage in using natural sunlight as an alternative to the usual energy source. It is ideal for people who want to keep energy consumption costs down. It extends your swimming season heating your pool utilising the power of the sun. Solar absorbers or collectors are installed on your roof where the water inside the collectors is heated and then returned to your swimming pool. This cycle repeats until the desired swimming pool temperature has been reached.

A number of factors will have an impact on the efficiency of the system says Pool Solar and Spa including roof size and pitch, trees and other obstacles in the path of the sun and the orientation of the roof to the sun.

Electric Heat Pump

Next on the list is the electric heat pump, it has the unique ability to absorb heat from the outside air temperature. It functions similarly to a reverse cycle air conditioner. It returns the heat to your pool water and maintains the water at your desired temperature. Heat pumps are very efficient.

Electric Pool Heater

Electric pool heaters are dependent on electricity. They can be cheaper and easier to install compared to other types of heater systems, but they operate at a much higher utility cost. They are generally suited to small spa baths.

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Gas Pool Heater

Gas heaters are popular due to their rapid heating ability. They can easily maintain any desired temperature at any pool capacity. Cost for gas can be expensive so a good option is to install this along with a solar pool system to utilise the power of the sun and help reduce your utility costs. With any pool heating option be sure to install a pool cover which will keep the heat from escaping out of your pool water as well as stop evaporation.

Before you proceed into buying a pool heater, be sure you’ve reviewed and considered all your possible options. This will definitely help turn your frigid pool into the perfect outdoor paradise and entertainment destination for any season