Ways to Disguise Your Homes’ AC Unit

Air Conditioning Repair In DraperMany homeowners spend a good amount of money on the exteriors, the garden landscaping, the plants, trees, the swimming pool, and much more. This will not only increase the aesthetic value of your home but also increase the intrinsic value of your property. So having an AC unit standing out can make your home look unattractive.

According to Airtime Heating & Cooling, there are many shops that offer air conditioning repair in Draper; they can also help you hide the unit to make the home exterior look better. There are many stylish and effective ways to conceal your outdoor AC unit.

  • Natural ways

Measure the dimensions of your AC unit as this will give you an idea of how much area you have to work with. You can have green plants or bushes of some sort concealing the unit. Pick plants that are already tall and wide enough to cover the unit entirely. You can pick from laurel, yew and holly, or have a combination of all of them. But make sure you choose plants that do not attract pests and bugs. It's also important for you to trim these plants and keep them clean. The plants should only conceal the AC unit, but not be too close to it.

  • Privacy screens

The second option is to place posts on the ground, around the area of the unit. Then you can fix lattice to the posts and conceal the AC unit. This will function like a privacy screen and ensure that the unit is not visible from outside. This lattice can be painted in line with the décor and color of your home. L-shaped fencing or ready made screens can also be placed in such a manner that the AC unit is completely hidden from view.

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While it is important to keep the AC unit clean, you can creatively ensure that it does not make your home exterior look unattractive.