Warning Signs That You Have Mold in Your House

Mold ProblemMost people with allergies find it extremely difficult living in a house with mold. If you do not have any allergies, you should be wary of black mold because it is dangerous to all people. In most cases, mold grows in moist places. Since it can be difficult to spot moist places in your home or places with mold, do you know what are some of the signs that mold is growing in your house?

Allergic Reactions

In case you always feel congested when inside your house, or if you experience watering eyes in some rooms, it is a warning sign that there is presence of mold in your house. In most cases, you would feel better once you go out of your house. If you do not have carbon monoxide poisoning, maybe from your gas heater, you need to inspect your home for mold. Hiring experts that offer comprehensive mold restoration services would be a wise move, says AAA Restoration.

Strange Odor

Your nose will always tell you when mold is growing in your apartment. If you smell a musty smell, such as the smell of dirt or rotting leaves, it is a warning sign of the presence of mold. Molds need food and the right environment to grow. The right environment for mold is usually the damp, dark, and warm parts of a house. In case you notice a strange and persistent smell in your house, you should inspect it more closely.

Dirty Spots

Moisture is the main ingredient for the growth of mold. Sometimes, when it gets damp on the ceiling and behind the walls, it can be hard to notice until it is too late. If you notice unusual stains on your walls and ceilings, you should not dismiss them as dirt. You should also not overlook small spots of mold because more of the same could be lurking behind your walls and on the wrong side of the ceiling.

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If you notice signs of mold in your house, addressing the problem yourself might pose a risk to your health. You might also not eradicate the problem comprehensively.