Walk-in Tubs: Keep Your Bathroom Accident-Free!

Bathroom with a bathtubStepping into the shower or bath should always be a safe one. However, this is not always the case. One hazard that is always present when you go for a bath is slipping and falling. The possibility of a serious injury in the bathroom is quite high especially with the presence of liquid and soap.  So if you have children or older relatives at home, you should try to make sure that your fixtures are safe for everyone to use.

Don’t Shower in Your Tub

Sometimes, when you shower in your tub, the incidence of slipping is real, especially if you don’t have anti-slip mats on the tub floor. If you prefer to shower, remember to use anti-slip mats inside the tub and on your bathroom floor. This minimizes the possibility of slipping.

Use Your Tub

Instead of taking a shower, why not bathe in your tub? It’s not just safer than showering because you are sitting most of the time (therefore less prone to slipping), it also makes for a more relaxing experience.

If you still find that getting inside a tub is troublesome, why not get a walk-in bathtub? It is safer yet equally relaxing than the standard tub. Also, the handicapped and the elderly can use walk-in tubs with ease and comfort, since they are built with higher walls and seats molded into its inner walls.

It has three unique features that make it safer for everyone:

1.    The walk in tub has a door on the side that you can safely enter. This door seals tightly when you close it;

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2.    With a standard tub, you get into and out of it while there is water inside. With a walk-in tub, however, this doesn’t happen.  You need to drain the water first before you exit the tub. This makes it safer when you get out of it.

3.    You save on time, as a walk-in tub has faster fill-up faucets and faster drains. Your waiting time before you bathe and before you go out of the tub is kept to a minimum.

Your bathing time should relax and invigorate you. Make sure your bathroom fixtures don’t pose a danger to you or any member of your family.