Using Color to Decorate Your House

House Painting in Wellington

House Painting in WellingtonColours are a great way to decorating a room. Flat all-white rooms are falling in popularity and more people are choosing to add colour in their homes. Colours are the way to go in painting and decorating the home. It’s on-trend, and it is a great way to incorporate your personality into the design.

Using colours can, however, be intimidating. There is a whole colour wheel to choose from, and all the hues as our options.

Neutrals and Colours

A neutral base with multi-colour shades throughout is a great way to introduce colour in the home. It is also a good way to amp up the impact of the colours.

A pure white base matched with colours and colour-blocked accents are a good match, and the white enhances the accents. A black and white accent to coloured walls provides a graphic spin and ground the design. It provides a sophisticated touch to the colour scheme.

Neutral walls combined with colours exhibit a well-thought of look.

Go With the Classics

One can never go wrong with the classics. These colours are tested and proven to work together.

Black and white is a classic combination but it can be too formal for some. A great alternative would be blue and white. It’s a knockout colour combination. It is on-trend while still remaining classic. This is a combination that will never go out of style.

Pick a Palette

Colour families are a good way to add various colours. It might seem random but they work as they have the same colour base.

A colour palette echoed all throughout the house is a good way to add colour while still allowing for transitions between the rooms. A contrast of warm and cool colours is a good use of a colour palette. Monochromes or shades of the same colour are also a fun and interesting way of incorporating colour.

Resist the urge to go matchy-matchy though. All the colour and accessories don’t need to match. Accents and contrasts are great. The colour wheel is a good guide to colours that work together. Colours either next to or across from each other are sure to work together.

Don’t pressure yourself, though, colours don’t need to be forever. In painting and decorating, don’t forget to have fun, to pick a favourite colour or to go with the trend. One can always do painting and decorating anew.