Types of Natural Filling Materials for Your Pillow

White pillow and sheets on white bed

Most people take considerable time and research picking a perfect mattress and bed but forget a crucial component of a good night’s rest—the pillow. Your pillow keeps your body in alignment and supports a healthy sleeping posture.

One of Salt Lake City’s high-quality mattress providers, 2 Brothers Mattress, shares that there are various types of pillows that you will find stocked in a mattress store. When picking your pillow, one of the critical elements you should evaluate is its filling. The most durable options are the following natural filling materials.


Cotton pillows are easy to maintain. They are breathable, and they come in various loft sizes. The material is also washable, hypoallergenic, and soft. Cotton is cooler than foam and other synthetic fillings. Cotton, however, ordinarily clumps over time, resulting in a lumpy pillow. You might then need to replace the filling frequently compared to other choices.


This is the ideal filling for people who sleep on their front or back. Feather pillows are relatively cheap, easy to shape, soft, washable, and more durable than synthetic pillows. However, sometimes their quills might poke through your pillow cover. They need regular shaking and fluffing to maintain their shape. A feather pillow will also not support considerable weight and is not recommended for allergic individuals.


The filling of down pillows is the undercoating of birds’ feathers. Down pillows are incredibly soft, luxurious, and easy to shape. They are also durable and lightweight, though quite expensive. They also need occasional fluffing to maintain their shape. They can be used by people suffering from allergies, provided that the filling has been processed properly.

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Like your mattress, you will use your pillow for approximately seven to eight hours a day. A poor pillow choice will typically leave you with discomfort and strain in your back, shoulders, and neck and contribute to sleepless nights. With the above natural fillings, however, you can be guaranteed of waking up feeling well rested and pain-free.