Types of Doors to Consider for Your New House

Wooden front door of a house

There is a wide variety of doors that are either readily available for immediate installation or built to your specifications. These doors’ properties are as varied as they come, all with specific features, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you are not sure which doors are best for your house type, always consult window and door contractors here in Michigan for advice. Here are some common door types that you can choose from.

Wood and Timber Doors

Timber has always been the mainstay in manufacturing doors, not just because they are readily available, but also because carpenters can manipulate wood easily into various designs. Currently, there is a wide selection of timber that you can use to make your home doors.

However, the type that you select should be according to your budget and its purpose. A word of advice: timber doors are best suited for exterior use.

Glass doors

These types of doors and windows are mostly for paneling jobs. However, glass doors are most suitable for specific locations in the house. These include doors at the back of the house, where it will provide an unobstructed view of your garden or backyard.

Although you can install glass doors in the front of your home, you should ensure that they are durable and that they do not compromise your safety and privacy. One important point to note is that the glass doors are expensive, heavy, and much harder to maintain compared to other door types.

Steel Doors

Steel doors have been in use in the construction industry for years on end. This is because they are both efficient and sturdy, as you can adjust them to suit different designs. Steel doors are long lasting and require minimal maintenance, and they are available in various colors and shapes.

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Moreover, they are the most suitable door options where security is a concern.

All the above door types are appropriate for your home. The type that you choose is dependent on your budget, security, and privacy.