Turning Your Tile Floor into a Harmonious Colour Palette by Choosing the Right Grout Colour

Tile FloorIt might not be that big of a deal, but the colour of your tile grout has a fairly large impact on the way your tile floor will turn out in the end.  Grout is often overlooked as far as tiled floors and walls are concerned because its primary known purpose is to bond the tiles together. 

You can easily remedy a dirty grout line using a tile grout cleaner recommended by miraclesealants.com.au, but if you’ve chosen the wrong colour, you’ll be forced to live with it for a time.

To help you choose the right colour of grout, here are some tips to consider:

  • Decide the colour of the tiles you’re planning to use.  There is a wide range of colours out there suited for just about any room in your home.  There are solid shades, patterns, and even mosaic sheets for accenting. 
  • Choose between standing out and blending in. 
    • If you prefer contrasting colours, choose a colour that complements your tiles. 
    • For a minimal look, you can choose a colour of grout that blends in with the tiles. 
    • Otherwise, you can choose a neutral shade that goes well with any colour.
  • Find matching caulk. Aside from choosing the right grout, make sure to have matching caulk as well.  Some manufacturers offer both products, making it easier to match the colours.
  • Choose a similar shade. If you want a monolithic, minimalist look, the colours of your tiles and grout should be as close as possible. 
  • Go for contrast. If you prefer to highlight your tiles, choose a different shade of tile grout, preferably one that complements your tiles.
  • Be consistent. Make sure your tile grout colour is highly consistent, and that it is mixed according to the instructions to prevent uneven colour splotches.
  • Consider cleaning issues. Lighter shades tend to become dirty faster and might require you to use a commercial tile grout cleaner often. 
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Choosing the right colour of tile grout for your tile floor will absolutely make a difference in the overall look.  To make it easier for you, most grout manufacturers have colour cards that will show you the different colours of tiles and tile grout they have.