Turn Up the Heat: How to Create a Flaming Hot Contemporary Fireplace

FireplaceSome homeowners shy away from contemporary designs because they feel that those are unwelcoming, cold, or sterile. The reality is that a contemporary style is exceptionally versatile and ideal for inspiring something, such as a cozy and warm fireplace.

If you are planning to build a fireplace or improve an existing one, Comfort Solutions cites some helpful pointers for a contemporary fireplace that’s as cozy and warm as traditional fireplaces.

Let the Materials Speak for Themselves

The simplicity or minimalism of contemporary style does not necessarily mean that it has to be plain or boring. Consider woods with significantly visible grains and a matte finish. If you keep your materials more natural, but designed in a more contemporary way, you could easily boost the coziness factor. If you’re leaning towards a more dramatic contemporary feel, choose materials that contrast with each other.

The Simpler the Lines and Shapes, the Better

While most traditional fireplaces usually have elaborate moldings for added glamour and interest, you can use horizontal and vertical lines for subtle drama instead. Repeat the lines to make patterns and consider a long, sleek linear insert instead of the typical colored beads sitting at the bottom of the flames that serve as the insert for your contemporary fireplace.

Choose minor upgrades, such as smaller beads or some other materials that would look more inviting and natural.

Why Not Go Double-Sided?

A double-sided fireplace could be an excellent solution in contemporary homes. While an open plan concept is great, if you have a small space and need to section off it off, you should definitely consider a double-sided fireplace. The key to a double-sided fireplace is to use materials that won’t block out the light; glass panels are a good example. When the lights are dimmed at night, you could see the flames in different angles.

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You too could have a contemporary fireplace that’s inviting, lively, and cozy. Be sure to use your materials wisely, taking into account your space’s limitations, and work with a builder with extensive experience in fireplace customization.