Treat Your Plumbing with Care to Avoid Problems

A Plumbing SystemPlumbing problems have a way of happening when you least expect them, such as late at night when you are sound asleep. You wake up to a flooded basement or at the very least, a messy sink in the kitchen or a bathroom straight out of a nightmare.

Whipple Service Champions explains the most common plumbing problems are avoidable. There are simple ways to make sure you do not experience bigger and possibly more expensive plumbing concerns.

Here are some examples.

Have your drains cleaned

Professional drain cleaners in Salt Lake City can help you make sure none of your drains back up and cause a mess. None only is a backed up drain yucky, but it may also release an overpowering odor. Have professional plumbers take a look at and clean your drains once a year.

Do not let the pipes freeze

Pipes easily leak, crack, or burst when they freeze. This is a common problem during winter. Disconnect your garden hose from the faucet and install covers on all the faucets outside your home. Your thermostat should be at 68 degrees at least, even when you are out.

To let the heat circulate close to the pipes, open the cabinet doors under sinks. Ask a plumber to wrap with heating tape or insulation the pipes that are closest to or most exposed to the outside.

Do not use your plumbing for garbage disposal

Your kitchen sink may have a disposal unit, but that should be a last resort for leftover food. Before putting your used dishes in the sink, throw the excess food into the bin. Do not use your sink and your toilet for disposing of other items especially plastic. Put used cooking oil in a can for proper disposal.

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Throwing it into the sink when hot may cause the oil to damage piping, and solidify inside the drain when it gets cold.

Keeping your plumbing working properly is a matter of common sense and concern for your home. Follow these tips, and you may not have to worry about waking up to a nightmare-plumbing scenario.