Transportable Cabin – The Home that Moves with You

Small cabin residence

Transportable cabins are a revolution in housing. They are affordable, versatile and can usually be built quickly and without planning permission. Best of all, you can take them with you decide to move to a new location.

Homeowners who are looking for more space and want to avoid the inconvenience of planning permission are choosing relocatable cabin homes. Often, these types of accessory dwellings will not require permission, but potential buyers should check their state’s rules.

What are Transportable Cabins?

When you order a transportable cabin, it will be delivered in a flat pack kit to be constructed on site. In the event that the owner decides to sell their main home and move to a new place, relocatable cabins can be taken down and then reassembled at their new residence. They can be used as a luxury granny flat, a home office, an extra dining area or a separate bedroom space for teenagers.

Features of a Transportable Cabin

These easy to build cabins can be designed to customer specifications and can have features, such as:

  • A built-in kitchen
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Veranda or balconies
  • Carport

Customers can choose the number of bedrooms, roof design and the type of doors and windows. Their secondary dwelling can be as basic as a camping hut or as elaborate as a second country home. People who are interested in living ‘‘off-grid’’ can use recycled or ‘‘eco’’ materials and add solar panels, rainwater tanks and compost toilets. The lightweight construction of transportable cabins has less impact on the planet.

As they are made in a factory, there is minimal disruption to the surroundings where they are constructed. Depending on the type of relocatable cabin, its layout could be altered if the owner wants a change of scenery.

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Transportable cabins are a good option if you want a property that moves with you. Be sure to buy only from a trusted manufacturer or distributor to ensure quality and durability.