Transitional Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces is Becoming a Standard for Home Design

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Outdoor living spaces are popular among Americans, and, if given a chance, many would like their home to have one. In fact, an outdoor living area tops the list of special-function room homeowners want, based on the results of The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey in 2017. Another popular request by homeowners is for an interior floor layout that opens up to the outdoors.

These findings are enlightening considering that recent studies say Americans are disconnected from nature. They suggest that even though people do spend long hours indoors, they may be enticed to step outside if they have comfortable, outdoor living spaces.

Transitional Floor Plans Will Be the Norm

Recently, open-floor plans that connect living rooms to the dining and kitchen areas have progressed from trend to standard. Modern home designs now feature “great rooms” that unify different areas of the house. With fewer foot traffic restrictions, homeowners enjoy greater freedom of movement in their homes.

Open-floor plans eventually extended to the outdoors. In luxury homes, great rooms often have glass walls and doors that open to wide balconies, patios, backyards, and swimming pools. This style provides a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors — a floor design style which won’t go out of style soon, according to a U.S. News & World Report article.

A Modification of “Al-Fresco”

The trend of merging outdoor and indoor comforts led many homeowners to build enclosed porches, gazebos, and roofs over patios. These spaces are still ideal for al-fresco dinners, except people may have to step out to get a view of the stars.

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With these outdoor living spaces, homeowners can enjoy intimate gatherings with family and friends. They’re not limited to formal indoor dinners. They can take the party outside, in the afternoon or at night. They can set up a sit-down dinner or fire up the grill and have a barbecue party. For homeowners to keep enjoying their outdoor spaces even during the colder winter months, recommends adding an outdoor gas fire pit.

Semi-enclosed outdoor spaces and transitional indoor-outdoor floor plans have more perks to offer. With benefits for health, wellness, and energy conservation, it’s unsurprising that these features continue to gain momentum in home trends.