Top Wood Fence Designs Perfect for Your Home

Wooden Fence in UtahA fence is one of the most important elements to any home as it contributes to improving your curb appeal, ensuring that you get to have your privacy and even compliment your landscape theme. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right fence for your home. Out of the various fencing options available, wood fences are the most popular mainly because they are affordable, are available in different styles and can serve a variety of purposes.

If you’re looking for the best wood fence, here are some designs that could be perfect for your home: 

Picket fence

Picket fences have become increasingly popular especially for those living in suburban areas with large families. These fences are characterized by tightly placed solid wood slats that are evenly spaced pickets or vertical boards placed on horizontal runners.

Stockade fences

These ones are made with boards and edges that are attached together to give you a strong panel that you now use to attach in between the posts. This type of fence is easy to install, affordable, and offer more privacy. In addition, you don’t have to incur high maintenance costs and you can extend its lifespan by applying deck stains.

Paddock fence

They use 3-5 flat boards that are constructed using red cedar or yellow pine that is attached to pressure treated posts most people confuse paddock fences with estate fences. However, estate fences use 2 overlapped boards on the diagonal to give you a complex design that is more elegant. These types of fences are more popular with horse and dog owners as they use fewer materials whilst creating a border that stands out.

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If you like a new wood fence so that you, your family, and pets can enjoy your backyard even more, contact a reputable fence expert to help you decide on the right design for you.