Top Choices for Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Window Fixtures

Plantation Blinds from CapalabaThe green revolution remains strong and constant, and why not? With more concerns arising regarding the environment along with current sustainability issues, saving the ecosystem is now a global drive. But, you can already start reducing energy use at home by fitting your windows with eco-friendly and energy efficient window treatments.

Here are a few effective options: 

Glass Film – These window additions are most effective for glass windows or walls. They usually come in different colours and features. Some of the more effective films to keep the sun out of your home are dark-hued and reflective. There are also bonus features offered by some brands, such as anti-UV and anti-glare, which you may find appealing for your home's aesthetics.

Blinds – There are a number of blinds available in the market today, but plantation blinds are one of the most effective window fixtures to keeping cool air in during the summer and your heating system's warmth during winter. You can choose to install exterior or interior shutters depending on your home's decorative theme. The biggest benefit of blinds and shutters is that they can let in air and light without having to open your windows hence keeping your HVAC system's heat or cold inside the house.

Drapes – Probably the most decorative choice of the many, but can only allow light in when pushed aside. Thinner and transparent draperies are hardly effective for keeping the heat and light out even if they can allow air in when the windows are open. Shades, on the other hand, are better at keeping the heat and sunlight from filtering through, but may clash with your home's interior decor.

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Truth be told, one or two combinations of these fixtures can help your heating and cooling system's effectiveness by more than 60% if installed properly. It would even be better if you can use all three at the same time. Take the time to visit an interior design or a shutter installation company for your best options in making your home aesthetically appealing while caring for Mother Nature.