Top 4 DIY Home Maintenance Hacks You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

As a homeowner, you’re probably always on the lookout for mini-DIY home maintenance hacks to save some cash. However, just because your grandma or mama told you that this tip works or that a certain hack has been shared on social media, it doesn’t mean that it works 100% or that it’s right. Bearing this in mind, below are some common DIY tips that could actually backfire and cost you more money.

Using Duct Tape for Sealing Ductwork

Duct tape would deteriorate in several years because the adhesive would be degraded by the heated air from your HVAC system, which would then allow air to escape. A better solution is to utilize duct mastic for sealing flexible and metal ductwork. Couple this with some fiberglass mesh for spaces that are wider than 1/16 inch.

Using Lemon to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Lemon could corrode the disposal’s metal components and the peel could clog your drains and damage the disposal’s grinding components, warns appliance repair experts in Millcreek. What you should do instead is turn on the faucet and your disposal, then shoot a tray or two of ice cubes down the drain. Despite the racket, this would safely and effectively dislodge any buildup.

Changing The Air Filter of Your HVAC System Every Month

According to the Department of Energy, you don’t need to change the air filter every month. What you should do instead is inspect it every month and only change it if it’s really filthy. Otherwise, you should be fine with changing it every three to four months.

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Using Bleach to Kill Mold

Bleach could only banish mold if it’s on a non-porous surface. The problem is that mold usually grows on porous surfaces, such as the carpet, grout, insulation, caulk, and drywall. Using bleach would only wash out the mold on these areas, not kill it. Use a commercial-grade anti-fungal product for killing mold instead. This is considering that you use safety equipment and that the area you’re treating is less than 10 square feet. Otherwise, leave the job to professionals.

If you’re guilty of doing the hacks mentioned above, stop doing them now and save yourself from the trouble, stress, and expense. Don’t hesitate to get professional help for tasks that you’re not 100% certain you could properly do on your own.