Top 3 Clear Signs of Furnace Problems

furnace repair service

furnace repair serviceIt’s better to be prepared than wake up in the middle of a cold winter night with a furnace problem. So before the winter season comes back, Salt Lake City homeowners must schedule furnace repair and maintenance checks to ensure its working condition when heavy usage is needed.

Yet there will be times when your furnace will need immediate repair to avoid further deterioration or worse, breakdown. Here are three signs of furnace problems:

Low to no heat

Usually, low heat is caused by dirty filters or clogged pipes. But if you are heating system still doesn’t function well after you clean the filters and see that there’s no blockage, there must be something wrong with the thermostat setting. Repairing a faulty thermostat should do the trick.

Thermostat settings

Most problems are relatively connected with a faulty thermostat or malfunction in settings. Such is the case of unscheduled switching between ON and OFF or the blower continuously running. If the thermostat acts rather unusual, let a furnace technician replace it.

Mechanical issues

The not-so-ordinary loud humming coming out of the air duct may be related to dirty filters or clogged pipes. But if you hear a little bit of clicking or tightly squeaky sound coming off, then you might be hearing a mechanical problem. While a mechanical problem sounds an easy fix, don’t attempt to fix it by yourself if you don’t have any idea, as it could only worsen the problem.

Furnaces, like any other appliances, are prone to wear and tear if not properly taken care of. It’s understandable if you cannot slip into the clogged air ducts or any other hard-to-reach parts. In fact, your contribution to extending its lifespan is limited to cleaning filters, but that’s fine. Just be sure to schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your furnace will always work at its optimum condition when needed.

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