Top 3 Challenges to Roof Installations

Roof Installation

Roof InstallationYou may not believe it but many consider the roof as one of the most neglected parts of the house when it comes to maintenance. This is due in part to its location. It simply is not safe to go up the roof every once in a while just to perform basic maintenance. As such, it is imperative that the installation of the roofing system be carried out in the most efficient and highest possible level of quality workmanship.

No matter what kind of roofing material you will eventually use, roof installations will always pose the following challenges.


One of the most challenging aspects of roof installation is ensuring that all of the components are joined together seamlessly to protect the house against leaks and moisture. This means that roofing tiles or shingles, the rain gutter system, flashings, and downspouts should be joined together using adhesive materials that protects against water leaks and water damage.

Flashings need to be installed properly while head and backwater laps should adequately protect the roof against moisture build-up. If using single-ply membrane for your roofing, it is advisable to have the sheets bonded at the seams. Other components of the entire roof structure must be bonded and seamed with water-resistant and high quality bonding material.

Need for Durability and Strength

This is one area where many roof installation projects fall short. Sometimes homeowners choose roofing materials that are way sub-standard in the name of saving a few hundred dollars. However, low quality roofing materials as well as cheap low quality workmanship can significantly lead to blow-offs, billowing, post-installation roof punctures, and the like. Sometimes, the low quality materials can also result in abnormal shrinking and surface erosion as well as blistering, splitting and ridging.

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If your property is located in an area of extreme weather conditions – being in the Tornado Alley or on the path of hurricanes from the Caribbean or even storms in the Pacific – you definitely will require roofing materials that can withstand the forces of nature.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

One of the essential requirements of many homeowners on their roofing systems is that it should be easy to maintain. However, this is a lot easier said than done. As stated above, geography and weather systems can play a part in the upkeep of a roof. If you are going to go cheap, then the more is the likelihood that you will require more frequent maintenance of your roof.

Regularly maintaining your roof can save you money. It reduces the risk of electrical or ceiling staining issues, according to Permacoat.

Roof installation requires understanding of the unique function of roofing systems. You need to take into consideration the effects of your choice of roofing materials and workmanship as well as the inherent characteristics of the local area in order to address the challenges associated with roof installation.