Tips for Mixing Materials for Your Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop marble selection

Your kitchen countertop forms the workhorse of this crucial room. Therefore, it’s expected to wear out faster compared to other areas, making renovation a necessity. However, the material options nowadays are so broad that settling for one is such a challenge.

Luckily, you don’t need to settle for just one countertop material for your kitchen. You can mix and match various materials under the guidance of a kitchen remodeling expert from Fort Wayne, LN to create a functional and aesthetically appealing room. Here are a few tips for mixing countertop materials.

Composites and Concrete

Polished concrete makes a powerful statement and can be ideal for creating an industrial look. But its finish and texture might feel cold and seem uninviting for eating areas. Pair your concrete counters with composite materials. These are human-made materials that comprise rock minerals in tough resin. Composite materials are antibacterial, easy to care for, and stain-resistant.

Laminate and Stainless Steel

Laminated counters are generally the least priced option. They also come in a broad color range and are hardwearing because of their coating wrapped around plywood, MDF or high-density particleboard. For ease of use, you can pair laminate counters with stainless steel around sinks.

Marble and Wood

Marble forms a perfect backsplash for your kitchen’s islands because of its bold veining and broad color and pattern range. This beauty, unfortunately, comes at a high price, which might make it impossible to use marble throughout your kitchen. To minimize the costs of your kitchen’s counters, pair it with wood. The wood will also give your kitchen a classic look.

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You can opt to match the above blends with your cabinets to create a uniform, smart look. This practice also minimizes the risk of your kitchen looking too busy or overcrowded. These options, though aesthetically outstanding, are unbelievably inexpensive, so a small budget should not hinder your remodel.