Three Ways Termites are Boring Holes in Your Pockets


TermitesMany people believe that termites, which are small, cream- or white-colored insects, bite people. But they actually do not. While they may not directly harm humans, they can still cause serious safety and security repercussions.

To learn just how negative the effects of termites on your life can be, take a look at these three ways they can quickly burn and bore holes through your walls and ceilings, and your pockets, too:

They Attack the Organic Structural Components of Your Home.

Termites feed on organic materials, particularly wood. Although several years may pass before these parts of your home become severely damaged and rendered irreparable, a portion of these eaten up components can quickly give way and collapse. As a result, you would have to replace them completely or even restore the entire structure.

They Can Put You in the Hospital due to Injuries.

Again, termites do not bite people, but the extensive damage they can cause to your home’s structural components, which potentially causes serious injuries. Since termite infestation is usually not easily obvious, you may only become aware of the problem until a part of the wall, ceiling, or floor gives up and falls down on someone. It would be wise to hire a provider of pest control solutions to prevent further infestation.

Their Presence Dramatically Reduces Your Home’s Value.

Since termites are hard to get rid of, and their presence indicates potential structural problems and compromised building integrity, the value of your home dramatically goes down. Not eradicating these pests right away can make it really hard for you to sell your home.

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Failure to promptly respond to termite infestation can result in your home becoming uninhabitable, as the United States Environmental Protection Agency states. And even if the insects themselves do not put people’s health at risks, the way they are usually exterminated is regarded as a potential health danger. So before any of these happen, make sure you contact a pest control company that uses safe methods as soon as you notice indications of a termite infestation in your home.