Three Types of In-ground Pools to Consider Before Purchasing a Swimming Pool

The decision to install an inground pool is a big decision for many homeowners. It can cost you thousands of dollars and affects the aesthetic of your indoors and outdoor areas. Without the proper research, you could overpay or install a pool that will require more maintenance than you can handle, or even hire the wrong person for the job.

One factor that affects the pool prices in Perth is the type of inground pool and its features. For starters, inground pools are often preferred because they are a better alternative. Many inground pools are variations of the following three categories:

1. Concrete pool with plaster

This swimming pool uses the concrete to form a shell and then finished with plaster. However, you can also have other aggregate finishes to polish the steel-reinforced concrete. This pool is durable and porous. Another advantage is that you can replaster the pool to increase its longevity.

2. Fibreglass pool

This swimming pool is typically sold as a single pool shell to put in an excavated hole using a crane. It differs from a concrete pool in that it comes ready-made. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to get custom designs. However, there are lots of models, sizes, and designs to choose from before you order.

3. Vinyl pool

Vinyl pools are typically built with brick, plastic or metal frames and can be set above-ground or in-ground. The bottom of the pool sits on the ground while the top is held by coping. Consequently, this creates a finished edge that also doubles as the pool deck border.

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Any swimming pool material will deteriorate with time and exposure to pool chemicals and the weather. However, that depends on how you maintain your pool. Be sure to ask your pool supplier to advise you on the best management tips for the type of pool you choose.