Three Simple Ways to Lower Your Household Expenses

Looking for plantation shutters in Victoria

An average household in Victoria, Australia spends between $35 to $140 weekly on gas and electricity. The high cost of electricity has led many people to look for alternative energy sources to power their homes. In fact, between 10 and 15 percent of Melbourne homes now uses solar panels. However, these technologies are not the only ways you can conserve energy and save on cost. Here are three more ways.

1. Maximize the natural light.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to brighten up your homes is to open the curtains and allow natural light to enter your homes. Many people, however, are not comfortable leaving the windows open during the day for privacy issues. In Melbourne, the use of plantation shutters is becoming a popular option. It allows natural light in and still maintain privacy. This alternative window treatment is also easier to install and cheaper to maintain.

2. Check your fridge.

Did you know that your refrigerator is responsible for approximately 15 percent of your monthly electric usage? And you use it 24/7. You can’t just turn it on or off like your air conditioner. The best way to save money is to ensure that your fridge is working efficiently. Door seal gaps can let cool air escape, which then makes your fridge work double time.

3. Use cold water when washing clothes.

If you use cold water in washing your clothes, you can save up to $115 annually. Many people still prefer to use hot water for their laundry. Whatever you choose to use, making sure you’re washing a full load is another way to save energy.

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Save Where and When You Can

Household expenses can add up if you’re not careful. Like in business, try your best to keep overhead costs low. Look around your house and see where you can save money and invest in things that will help you become more economical in the long run.