Three Safety Hacks for Child’s Bedroom

Child's Bedroom

Child's BedroomToddlers can be quite a handful, despite them being wonderfully loving and imaginative. Childhood is a phase when you would love them to see them displaying an adventurous spirit while you carefully keeping an eye on them to prevent them from possibly hurting themselves. Since they are at an age where their ‘room’ is no longer just their crib or bassinet, here are tips on how to make their new bedroom fun but safe for their everyday activities.

Secure the Fort – Furnishings for toddler rooms have a tendency to become more than what their original purposes are. In your baby’s mind, the cabinet is a mountain he must climb, the bookshelf a cliff, and the table a ship he must sail. Keep all furniture and electronics secured either to the wall or the floor. Keep all cords out of sight or out of reach such as electrical cables or the window blind’s adjustment cords.

Taste-Testing Tips – Your child at this point will most likely taste test anything in the room, including toys, sheets and even furniture. Remove all possible toys and decor that are a choking hazard.  Take away all plants from the room or hang them way up high and definitely no poisonous plants. Keep breakables on high shelves or just keep them away from the room. And make sure no one leaves a mess in the room as your toddler would likely eat it.

Repair and Maintain – If any of the furniture, electronics or furnishings show signs of wear and tear (which would probably be often if you have an active child) make sure you see to its repair at once. Accidents do result from splintered wood, exposed nails or screws and torn sheets or rugs. Always check your child’s room for such hazard and get if fixed or removed.

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These reminders can easily be applied to any kid’s bedroom whether it’s in a suburban two-storey house or in any of the two-bedroom apartments in Brisbane. According to, get two bedroom apartments in Brisbane from quality providers to ensure the safety not just of your kids, but of the entire household.

Just keep in mind that your home should make your child feel safe and secure.  After all, your children deserve to be treasured and kept safe.