Three Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

Modern living room interior

When it comes to home decor, modern homeowners can often pinpoint the type of bookcases they want, how their house should be painted and what materials will make up most of their furniture.

However, more often than not, the things people desire do not go well together. With the help of an interior design consultancy in London such as De Rosee Sa, a homeowner can explain their ideas and get them organised into something coherent.

The designer can create, from their experience and your list of preferences, a catalog that fits your taste. As it is, three trends have taken their place in the hearts of many people, including:

The mid-century modern

The mid-1900s have primarily shaped modern design. The era was characterized by natural shapes, refined lines, and minimalist silhouettes.

The mid-century modern design borrows from that period to create highly versatile and complementary design styles by mixing several elements of the contemporary home with mid-century pieces.

The industrial look

Here, the designs echo the industrial era. They emphasize the use of exposed steel alongside wooden elements. Often, the look is also complemented with exposed bricks or variants of copper-toned accents. Consequently, an industrially styled house feels mature and rustic.

Nautical designs

Nautical decor reflects the environment in a stereotypical beach house in New England. The model is based on sand-colored or a white foundation and accented with blue. The furniture is typically unfinished and combined with linen upholstery on lounge sofas.

You are likely to also find rowing oars, navigational maps, clear jars and jute ropes as part of the decor.

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In the end, it takes the skillful combination of your desired pieces and the expertise of a designer to come up with a good proposal. Whatever the case, the designer will often start with a template and then work your tastes within it. Be sure to know what trends most appeal to you.