This is How People Waste Water

Wasting WaterWater seems to be an infinite source. This is why many of us neglect its consumption, mindlessly wasting water in many different ways. The truth is, however, potable water is a precious commodity in some parts of the world. It is also a sad reality that people will only start thinking about saving this resource when water shortage affects the community already.

Plumbing experts in Utah share some of the ways people waste water:

Long Bathroom Use

Many are surely guilty of leaving the water flowing when shaving or washing their teeth. Some, on the other hand, take long baths frequently. The bathroom is one of the many places in the house where you can save or cut down your water use. Instead of letting the water flow the whole time, turn it off. It is also best to take a shower rather than a long bath.

Letting Toilets Leak

Experts agree that a leaking toilet can be one of the worst water wasters around a household. The only problem is, many owners neglect it; they will only consider repairs when the leak is at its worst. If you hear constantly running water, take measures to address it. You can check the inner parts and flapper valves or call a plumber to repair the leaks, suggests an expert from All Hours Plumbing.

Ignoring WaterSense

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a program called WaterSense, which helps consumers identify water-efficient products. Many products today carry a WaterSense label, indicating that they use 20% less water, but perform better than traditional models. Sink faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing products that pass the EPA criteria carry the WaterSense label.

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Small Laundry Loads

Washing smaller loads does not just waste water. It also wastes detergent and energy. If you want to increase water efficiency in your household, only wash in full loads. Resist the temptation of running the washer with just a few pieces of dirty clothes. Consolidate your laundry for a full load to reduce the use of a machine and save more water and energy.

Start saving water in your household with these tips. By doing so, you can reap rewards in saving more energy and money, too.