The Uses and Different Types of Kitchen Splash Backs

Kitchen Splash Backs

Kitchen Splash Backs in PerthModern kitchens need to have some essential features. One of them is a splash back that is functional and attractive.  If you do not have one already, then you should have one when you remodel your kitchen in the near future.

Perth City Glass has splash backs in Perth you can install to protect the wall behind your cooking range.

  • Uses of splash backs

These are designed to guard against the splashing of food and other stuff while cooking. They have to be strategically placed so that the splattering occurs only on them. These can be cleaned easily with simple soap and water.  Some discerning homeowners also use them in the bathrooms to keep the walls clean. It is however, necessary to choose materials that will not be scratched or promote mould growth.

  • The different types of splash backs

These come in many colour and style options. Tiles are affordable but the crevices can get dirty quickly and be difficult to clean. Moulds and other bacteria can also flourish in the gaps. Stainless steel looks elegant, is long lasting and sturdy. However, it tends to be scratched and is expensive. Glass splash backs are the most suitable option. They are hygienic and come with all the advantages. They can be wiped clean, do not have crevices and are scratch proof.  You can choose from plain, stained or textured glass.

  • Other options

Some people want more economic options and prefer to paint the wall behind the cooking area. But this is not useful as paint cannot be cleaned easily and is waterproof. Timber is used at times as they can be used to create lovely effects. But again, the maintenance is difficult and proper sealing is necessary. They will also be damaged by water over a period.

As is obvious, glass splash backs are the best options even if they are a little expensive to begin with. They work out cost effective in the long run, as they require zero maintenance.