The Types of Furnaces You Should Know By Now

a man repairing a furnace

Ductwork and insulation, heating requirements, and the size of your home are among the major factors that determine the type of furnace you settle for.

Efficiency, reliability, and quietness are among the most sought-after characteristics of a home furnace. The type you purchase will determine how often you will have furnace repairs in Riverton.

Here are some options worth considering.

Single Stage Furnace

This type has a single stage for all of its operations. That means you can only turn it either on or off. Due to its single operational speed, when you turn it on, it pumps out heat as fast as possible, and there is no way you can control it.

As a result, they lack a high comfort level when compared to other types of furnaces. However, they have a low installation cost, making them affordable to a majority of people.

Double Stage Furnace

This type presents two-speed settings. That is half and full speed. As a result, it is more efficient, since it can move the air at a slower pace making your house more comfortable. Unlike the single stage, this gives you some form of control over your house temperatures.

It is also significantly quiet as it does function at full speed every time.

Variable Speed Furnace

This type modulates the heat output according to your desired comfort level as well as the outside temperatures. It is considered the most efficient as it only operates as and when you need it.

It also has the advantage of good air quality since you can run the fan even when the furnace is not heating hence continuously passing air through the filter before distribution. While it costs the highest amount upfront, it will save you money in the future.

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Before commencing any repair or replacement arrangements for your furnace, always consult with heating professionals. They can help you find the most suitable ones for your needs.