The Surprising Health Benefits of a Home Spa

man relaxing by his poolHomeowners sometimes can’t decide whether to install a home spa or not. People may know that they want one installed in their backyard, but they require more proof before they buy one. Pool builders like list several reasons for having a home spa.

Reasons to Have a Spa

The most apparent reason is a deep body cleanse. The hot water of a spa helps to open pores, allowing the water to cleanse the skin from dirt and toxins. This results in clearer, glowing skin. Spending time in a spa can help improve cardiovascular health. Immersing the body in a spa is equivalent to putting pressure on the body, which forces the heart to work more, pumping blood faster. It also helps lower blood pressure. The increased heart rate does not result in higher blood pressure. Instead, how water and the elevated heart rate lowers the blood pressure. It can also help those with diabetes and promotes weight loss. Also, a spa relieves body aches and pains. In turn, it helps reduce stress, lessens anxiety, and helps in having a restful sleep. Overall, it helps improve self-esteem and confidence.


Of course, spas do have their warning labels. Some of these pertain to the hot water of the spa, as well as the need for professional advice in using it as a medical tool. The hot water is not advised for pregnant women because prolonged use of the spa can have adverse effects on the baby. Sweating is a regular occurrence after the bath. However, sweating should be alleviated by hydrating the body. Drinking lots of water while in the tub can prevent heat stroke. Older users should also ask for assistance getting in and out of the tub.

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Going to a spa can result in long-term health benefits. However, there are also some warnings for extended soaking in hot water.