The Stuff That Makes Homes Fireproof

The front porch of someone's home The roof is a crucial component of your house structure. For starters, the roof tells a lot about the house regarding age and quality. Very few owners take the time to test the status of their roofs. You will know the age of the house by the design of the ceilings.

Homeowners who ignore maintenance risk spread of fire. A weak roof is a major entry point for embers, especially in the attic.

To prevent fire from spreading on the ceiling, you may climb on the roof to see if there are missing or loose shingles. You can also use the binoculars to check how the shingles aligned themselves. Check any irregularity to ensure that the roof is in good condition.

A Homeowner Can Do the Following to Prevent Fire Spread Through the Ceiling:

• Buy good quality roofing materials. Some products can withstand a lot of heat in case of a fire.

• Change ageing roofing materials.  Wood has a high affinity for fire. Such materials can easily cause fire to spread, in particular on the attic.

• Ensure you clean the roof and gutters. Dry leaves can accumulate on the roof and the gutters. These can easily attract embers in the case of a fire outbreak.

• Trim the vegetation around your house.  You should always cut tall trees shorter near your houses. They are a source of leaves, which can be very costly to you regarding fire damages.

Just visit the projects in Townsville, QL and homebuilders will tell you that repairing your house after a fire is a very expensive affair. Starting from the comfort of your home, ensure that your take precautions that minimise accidents in your house.

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