The Need for Mass Notifications in Campus Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm SystemsDemand for safety devices, such as fire alarm systems, continues to rise in the education industry. This is because educational institutions kept expanding even during major economic turmoil.

In terms of safety, certain systems are important. These identify countless issues, such as water flow from sprinklers and smoke detector activation. They can also pinpoint the exact location of an alarm, an important feature especially for larger schools.

In addition to new features, some campuses have buildings erected years ago. Unlike the more modern fire systems, these old installations only communicated a single idea: immediate evacuation.

The question remains: how can schools integrate their old fire systems with new ones?

Combining Audio and New Fire Solutions

Most fire experts recommend to schools to add voice evacuation in their new systems. Adding a voice component is important because it’s no longer enough to alarm the kids with sirens and strobes. Vocal evacuation directs occupants on what to do and where they should go during emergencies.

For example, if a fire breaks out, school officials can tell students about the places to avoid and where to seek shelter. Mass notification, compared to simple sirens, saves lives faster.

No to Combined Reporting Solutions

For some schools, the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade their alarm system is through combined reporting solutions. According to AvantGard Monitoring Centers, a wholesale central monitoring station (CMS) service, this allows all brands of alarm systems to report the basic data.

The solution, however, can’t identify the specific root of the problem. Nor does it provide the exact zone of the problem, which is important for responders.

Careful Considerations in Procurement

Campus safety requires careful consideration, which is why officials should not make decisions quickly. Assessment of long-term plans is necessary to determine which system works best for the school. Officials should take a step back and gather necessary information before making a decision.

Fire safety systems save lives, especially when done right. With the help of professionals, schools can further improve their alarms to strengthen campus security.