The Lowdown on Bed Bugs: More than Just Night Annoyances

Bed Bug Exterminators UtahMost people only consider bed bugs as annoying creatures that disrupt their sleep at night. The fact that they can make you lose sleep should actually already prompt you to eradicate them from your home. Even if you can still tolerate their presence, you should know that they pose more problems than just itchy bumps.

Bed bugs and diseases

Bed bugs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, do not carry, transmit, or spread diseases. This is one of the primary reasons many people tend to put aside their control and elimination rather than take care of the issue right away.

Although they may not cause diseases like other types of pests, they can cause other health issues.

Sleep disruption leading to other health concerns

Generally, bed bug bites don’t cause itchiness right away, except for small bumps on the skin and on some individuals who have higher sensitivity to bug bites. Bites may also cause allergic reactions with effects ranging from small, itchy bumps to severe bodily reactions.

Even if you don’t experience allergic reactions, know that the bed bug’s constant feeding may ultimately lead to sleep disruption. Bed bug control companies in Sandy say allowing this to continue puts you at risk of suffering from severe lack of sleep.

The mental and emotional impact of bed bug infestation

Even just a single day with lack of sleep can already cause stress. Just imagine when you keep losing sleep due to the constant attack of bed bites. This can result in mental and emotional problems, including insomnia and anxiety. Increased stress levels also affect your focus and concentration, and can cause problems both at home and at work.

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While it’s true that health organizations only treat bed bugs as public pests and not health threats, you should still take care of the infestation right away.