The Hidden Benefits of Having a Quality Glass Fence

fence in Perth

fence in PerthFrameless glass fencing is used across the globe to make real estate properties and private homes stand out. To provide maximum protection, the glass used has a thickness of between 6mm and 12mm. For instance, most of the frameless glass installed around pools is usually 12 mm thick.

Here are some of the hidden benefits of glass fencing.


To triple the value of your property and add style to it, install a quality glass fence around it. Be ready for your neighbours to make inquiries about the glass fencing you chose, because they will want it for their homes, too.

Corrosion and Rust Resistance

Unlike other fencing materials, glass is corrosion and rust resistant. You will not need to spend a lot of time on maintenance. However, it is recommendable to wipe it to get rid of debris that accumulates on the surface over time.

Offers a Priceless View

Parents will see clearly what their children are doing in the pool. Clear-Az-GlassFencing says the uninterrupted view helps prevent accidents.


Some fences only blend with homes that have a particular architectural design. Luckily, this new fencing method is compatible with almost all home styles. This means you don’t need to renovate your home before installing it.


Despite the fact that glass fencing is clear, it’s safe, as it can withstand a great deal of force without breaking. However, this is dependent on the thickness of the glass. More importantly, there are no bars your kids can climb. Go about your daily chores in the house knowing that your children are safe.

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Glass fencing gives a property a new touch of class and elegance. Only purchase glass that meets the Australian Standard for Safety Glass in Buildings.