The Happiness Meter: How Temperatures Affect Moods

Air Conditioner

Air ConditionerThey say that happiness is a choice. In many cases, however, it depends on the environment, more particularly, the temperature. Temperature affects not just sleep, productivity, and memory, but also has a significant effect on a person’s mood. Researchers explain that the simple habit of going outside on a sunny day and creating a warm indoor temperature can boost happiness.

The Perfect Balance

Generally, cold room temperatures create an uncomfortable environment, which then affects happiness levels. It also gets in the way of productivity. As your body uses more energy to keep you warm, there will be less left for focusing on the task at hand.

On the other hand, hot temperatures can also compromise moods, as the body works harder to keep you cool. The result is that you feel more tired and stressed. A growing body of research asserts that hot environments can trigger aggressive behaviors.

Heating and air contractors from explain that the perfect indoor temperature is a balance of the hot and cold. This is possible with efficient AC systems because the units make a warm, cozy environment possible during summer and ensures proper heating and ventilation during cold seasons.

Although the exact “ideal” temperature varies from person to person, studies show that setting your thermostat to 77 degrees Fahrenheit ensures optimal comfort, and therefore the best moods.

Light Mood, Bright Vibe

Other than room temperature, weather also affects moods. In fact, there’s a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that develops when season changes. In most cases, this occurs during autumn and winter. People experience mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep problems.

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The weather also affects happiness in the sense that spending at least 30 minutes under the sun can improve the mood. It’s also believed to sharpen memory, as the body becomes more open to new information and creative thoughts.

Happiness is a choice and, as it turns out, the secret to a better mood can be as simple as setting the optimal temperature in your home and making it a habit to get some sun every day.