The Dirty Truth: What Lurks Under Your Carpet


Warm, soft, fluffy, lightweight and comforting…

There’s probably nCarpetothing better than luxurious andcomfortable carpet that tickles your feet with every step. It is this level of comfort that makes carpet so popular with homeowners; studies even show that it is still one of the most preferred floor coverings in Australian homes. Whether it’s plain, patterned or colourful, carpets can makeany house homier.

Most homeowners use it to create a focal point in a room. After all, a carpet keeps a home cosy. Left neglected, however, carpets can cause health problems that are more serious than you could ever imagine. If you think you are safe and sound in your own home, think again. You would be surprised to learn what dangers lurk underneath it all.


Got wine spills or pet urine on your carpet? Leaving the stain to dry until you have time to give it attention can do more harm than good. Bacteria thrive in moist environments, making your damp carpet the perfect breeding ground for mould and other fungal elements. This poses a big problem for your family. Breathing in mould spores may cause mild to severe allergic reactions. This is the
reason cleaning your carpetis necessary to kill mould and eliminate possible contamination.

Dust Mites

Another thing to watch out for is dust mites, as the warmth of carpet is conducive for their growth. Sure, you can remove dust mites using cleaning products, but improper cleaning can still leave grime and pet hair behind, trapping them deep down in the base of a carpet’s fibres. The safest thing you can do is to leave the job to professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane North. They can help you deal with that dirty, heavily soiled carpet.

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Bugs and Beetles

Due to dirt and the favourable environment, carpetis attractive for insects like beetles and small insects. Failure to address the problem early on will lead to bugs eating up the fibres in the material. Another downside is that some bugs can create a foul smell that is awful and disgusting.

These are just some of the things that can hide deep within the fibres of your carpet. Reduce the risk of developing health issues by working with professional carpet cleaners regularly.