The Different Types of Window Tinting Film

Home Window

Home WindowWindow tint films come in several types suitable for your home, business, office and automobiles. The different types vary with the technology used, the technique required, in the quality and the pricing.

The window tint films also vary in the manner in which they offer heat and UV light protection and the level of protection they provide. It is good to know the benefits and the application of each type of film that can help you make a choice.

  • Dyed or coloured films

The dyed window film is generally for outdoor and vehicle use. Colour is added when the film is melted and stretched. This kind of film makes the car secure as the interiors are not visible and valuables inside cannot be identified from outside. This type of film deflects heat and does not absorb it. They keep the interiors cooler.

  • Metallised films

Metals such as aluminium, nickel, copper and other such metals are evenly infused and distributed throughout these films. They are incorporated at an atomic level. Metallised tint films are also called sputtered films. These are popular in homes, businesses and offices as they reduce the damage to the interior furnishings, merchandise and electronics. These films can also deflect both the UV rays and the heat.

  • Hybrid, ceramic and deposited films

Hybrid films are good as they combine the properties of metallised and coloured films. The deposited films also use metals mentioned above, but these are created for reducing heat. Ceramic films are produced using the latest innovative technology. This uses nanotechnology to strengthen the glass and protect the windows in extreme weather conditions. It is the most durable film and is the most expensive one.

It is good to understand the features of each of these films. You can also discuss with the professionals who specialise in these products and get suggestions on the best tint films that will suit your needs.