The Bookworm Sanctuary: A Better Reading Space in 3 Ways

Reading Space

Reading Space in Australia Literature has changed human history and society since the first paintings were marked in the caves. These works of literary art allows for people to delve into surreal experiences of a million different worlds. How your surroundings are while reading your book affects your overall experience and your absorption of the material. A lot of bookworms have their pet peeves and preferences for their reading spaces. Some venture into the outdoors with the open air of nature to better experience the story, while others are satisfied with just sitting back in their reclining chairs.

For the self-proclaimed book lovers of Perth who would like nothing more than to lose themselves in a good story, here are a few ways to make that reading sanctuary you have always wanted.


The first step is to appropriate a reading room for yourself. Make this your personal study. For interiors, a desk and a comfortable chair would make great starters. Hang portraits of your favourite photos on the wall for a more relaxing, and personalised feel. Have this room with a least a window to the outside world. Let the sun shine through, so you can experience the warm vigour of nature, and some fresh air.

That said, The Blinds Gallery adds you may want to install in curtains or blinds. Outdoor shutters are best so you can regulate or adjust the amount of sunlight that comes through, as well as your own privacy.

Furniture and Appliances

If you are an avid book reader, it can be assumed that you will spend a lot of time in your study. So it does not hurt to equip your reading room with furniture and appliances that would not be lost in the living room itself. Place a fan to keep you cool. Find a good ceiling fan as it can generate a good constant breeze without the noise that standing fan motors make. Additionally, you may want to set up a good stereo or sound system in the room so you can play any music that will suit your mood during your stay in the room. If you have a habit of reading well into the wee hours of the night, take a headlamp with you. Your eyes will thank you for the lighting.

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Colour Scheme

Reading into a book isolates you from the real world and pulls you into an entirely different one. Complete the experience by painting and colouring the reading room. As you know, colours affect people’s mood. Make colours come alive not just at the walls but at the different amenities in the room. Use green to get that relaxing feeling of nature, or a bright red one to inflame your passion for storytelling. This can go from the walls, to the even the carpet or cushions you will be using.

With your newly optimised reading space, you can be sure your reading experience would have never been better.