The Big Q: Is a Split System AC the Right Choice For You?

AC Split System in Australia

AC Split System in Australia During summers in Perth, elevated humidity and air temperature are very common. These two environmental factors always lead to uncomfortable, even unbearably high indoor temperatures in homes. But, thanks to air conditioners, cooling, dehumidifying and filtering indoor air have made homes more comfortable.

Although central air conditioners are popular choices among Perth homeowners, not everyone can afford the ongoing operation costs of such cooling equipment. In such cases, says a split system AC may be the better option for you, as it is less pricey, both in terms of upfront and long-term costs.

When to Go Split System

There are several situations wherein a split system air conditioner is the smart choice. Aside from the lower expenses associated with it (compared with central ACs), they also boast of greater efficiency and performance, especially when it comes to cooling larger, single rooms. They also generate less noise, making them more appropriate for household use.

The Split System Advantage

Split systems are also more flexible in terms of placement. Some models allow for the exterior component to be installed as far as 50 feet from the indoor component. This then minimises the volume of noise reaching your home, which is great especially at night while everyone is sleeping.

In addition, these cooling systems are also better air distributors and generate greater power outputs, making them ideal for cooling bigger rooms. They are also available in a number of setups, including floor standing, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted.

Cooling and Heating in One

When you’ve decided to get a split air conditioner, consider investing in a reverse cycle model. This will provide you with both cooling and heating, so you can maintain optimal comfort in your home all-year round.

Talk to your local licensed HVAC contractor to determine the size of the air conditioner most appropriate for the rooms or areas you want to cool and heat.