The Advantages of Owning a One-Room Apartment Over a Studio

Living Room ApartmentIt's normal to be undecided during your first time in buying an apartment. Though studios can be affordable, having a one-bedroom apartment is still a better choice even if you're living solo. Here are some reasons why the latter is a better choice for you:

Extra Privacy

Even if you live alone, once you have friends over for whatever reason, your privacy is gone if you only have a single open space. Sure, you can use dividers and partitions, but nothing beats the privacy of having your own room that keeps you feel safer in case people come over.

Easier Cleaning

Having to deal with a single area that fits your bed, living room, dining area and kitchen without any clear segregation can be challenging when tidying up. Having clear borders between your room and other parts of your apartment can help segregate schedules for cleaning and upkeep. This is best for those who are too busy or not used to cleaning up after themselves.

Additional Storage Places

One bedroom apartments in Brisbane give you an added wall, which means more places to install cabinets, shelves and hooks for hanging clothing and other items. If you want to maximize the walled area, install those storage options high up near the ceiling. You may want to invest in a ladder as well, so you can easily reach that upper space.

Larger Floor Area

Many one-bedroom apartments are larger than the typical studios offered in the market today. If the price difference is quite manageable, it's best that you get the apartment with the larger square footage. Buy big now than regret the lost opportunity.

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Comfort is a treasured commodity for many who choose to live small, but practical apartment lifestyles. Don't focus on the affordability of a unit. If the price can be justified by comfort and convenience, then consider your choice of a good buy.